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Expressive in more ways than one.

Pure randomness!!

Hi well i'm Zebede.
Well there not much to say about me but I am randomly weird! With a strange life and having lots of fun is very important in my life, even though I am very quiet. In a way I would say I was complicated but different in my own way. xD Well it was at the time this has slowly disappeared and is no more, however it was just different because I am not a goth, emo, or chav--- I'm a bit all of them because I am strange like that with no particular subculture I am a sort of a merge of them all.

Well I like Drawing especially anima because it has a lot of detail in but in a way I like drawing random things that I like making my designs and drawing my own pictures. Well this keeps changing when I have finished my degree in fine art I think I will be a better artist in practice and in theory.

I am very into books. They help me to relax when there is a good book in my hands, I have problems to put it down but thats the good thing about a good book. There is always time for a good book especially Torchwood, Kathy Reichs, Anne Rice and know mainy horror, Zombie books or manga or mainly anything amazing because I can read most things as long as it's not to romantic...
...SO I also like watching them on tv--- bones & torchwood as well as Merlin, that is so cool but there is not much to say about that.

I am very against racism as you can see in my blogs:- there is alot on my blogs about racism because I am against racist people.-- There is no need for it in this day and age. They need to learn it's the 21 century not the 18th but that might just be me.