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SIREN- Art Exhibition

An up and coming art exhibition involving 21 artists in the next week. It will be a great opportunity to see some amazing artwork, so if anyone is available in the UK then please feel free to pop down for a  visit. Exploring a wide range of issues from mental health to capitalism to eco-art and beyond with this interdisciplinary exhibition there will be a wide range of pieces for others to experience.


'Vetturale di natura’

In this new project, I will be focused on studying the movement of water by analyzing the natural and human inference in water movement. By researching threw drawing, film and photography how natural and artificial movement in water is created to establish an understanding of the side effects that this interference has on the hydrological cycle.
In this project I was also thinking about exploring the use of language in art especially the use of onomatopoeia words, which are words used to express sounds. Today onomatopoeia words are used in theatrical performances to emphasis sounds, in poems, scripts, and by many writers. An idea I have is to use the concept of using language, typography to explore movement in water by experimenting with the verbal and written forms of language.  Which can be explored by creating films, audio pieces and drawing by using mixed media to explore the use of typography in art, also to experiment with using different forms of language to create the environment of water movement.
This project is also going to be interesting because it is amalgamating my two main hobbies walking, which can involve walking by river and creating artwork. This will also interest me because I am interested understanding naturally occurring events. Due to starting the project back when I did my foundation, I have wanted to improve the ideas and concepts involved in the piece. This time I am going to use a wider range of media and techniques to get a greater understanding of how humans influence the changes in nature but also how nature adapts itself. I think this project is going to be challenge by the different media and techniques that I will be exploring, but that will make the project more exciting and creative.

Over the summer, 2013.

Over the summer I spent most of my time just relaxing and chilling out mainly, I did not really have anything planned so I just did whatever I wanted because I don’t really have any commitments in the end so I am free to do whatever I want. So all threw the summer I was just relaxing by going on short walks by the river, which was rather relaxing. The walks I went on was rather interesting and relaxing there where some fishermen fishing which was fun to watch because on the difference in techniques between each fisherman. While I was out walking one day I also found a fishing hook and a weight which was an interesting find but at the minute I don’t really have much use of them however I was well chuffed to find them it was rather excited.  Well what else did I get up to over the summer, I did a bit of drawing and have taken many photo’s but I think I will talk about these ones in another blog. This is just a quick catch up blog for the summer.
   Well I went back home for around ten days which was fun, I got to see a few of my friends which I have not seen in a while so catching up with them what kind of relaxing, some of them seemed to be more relaxed that what I remember them being like which was good. It was a shame I did not get to see a few more of my friends. I got to say with some good friends at the same time as well as spending some time with her amazing daughter, which was nice but loud, I do not think I am use to how noisy she can be sometimes. However so is funny and very clever for her age and she loves reading, she is amazing. While I was there I saw a interesting exhibition which I will also talk about in a latter blog. I got to spend some time with twinkle the dog; she is a cute little creature, who is always happy and excited to see people. I kind of miss both of them, even though she was not my daughter I kind of treated her like family but oh well, I think that’s enough about that.
    When I came back all I did was move into my new how which is a relief because it was nice to be somewhere without all the noise of living with students. I now I am a student but other students are rather annoying and noisy but I think I will be happy now that I am with people are nice and not to noisy The move was easier than expected and I have less stuff than I expected so now I have nearly everything I own in my house but oh well I do not have much it will be easier to move next time I hope. Also material objects are not everything but I do have some amazing, interesting book, which will be useful for the coming year.

  Well even though I did not do mush over the summer except relax, oh I also read a few books and some that I am reading are rather interesting. I think I will talk about these in a later blog but I think that’s all for now.

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